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20-23rd Sep  20-23rd March
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Ostara marks the official first day of spring, or the Spring (or Vernal) Equinox. It is symbolic of the awakening of the Maiden Goddess, the energy of renewal, growth, and regeneration. It's an occasion where we can observe new birth of wildlife and plants, and there is bountiful potential in the air.

Ancient Pagans didn't celebrate Ostara, but the Spring Equinox has been documented to be a part of cultures from Japan, to Iran and over Europe.

This revival energy that Ostara brings is akin to the youthful presence of a child. Observing surroundings, noticing the finer details, and stumbling upon new discoveries by taking the time to take part in our own connection with our surroundings.

It's a time for excitement, planning, growth, gratitude and taking action for the coming months of increasing warmth and sunshine.

How to Celebrate Ostara

-Fossicking for wild flowers, or buying a bunch of flowers for your home.

-Dance barefoot in the grass to unleash your inner child.

-Sit yourself in a comfortable position in nature. Take deep breaths and pay attention to the sounds you hear, the things you see and flowers or animals that are awakening.

-Set up a bird bath or bird seed feeder in your garden.

-Plant some seeds

-Gratitude ritual 

-Make some hot cross buns

-Paint, sing, dance, laugh, draw.

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