Planetary Magick

Planetary Magick


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Since ancient Babylonian times, each day of the week (and hour) is governed by a specific planetary energy, or spirit. There were 7 classical planets, and each planet has corresponding associations relating to each one. 

These correspondences are used to enhance, amplify and align your magical practice. In Ritual magick, these associations are utilised to create seals and talismans, charge tools, or perform rituals invoking the planetary spirit to assist.

SUNSuccess, energy and cultivation of power.
Day of the week - Sunday
Greek God - Apollo
Olympic Spirit - Och
Metal - Gold
Archangel - Suriel
Associated with - confidence, friendship, vitality, success, success, creativity, self expression, energy, pride, leadership, growth, health, optimism
Crystals - amber, tiger’s eye, sunstone, citrine, goldstone, yellow aventurine.

16th Century Key Of Solomon excerpt - "In the Days and Hours of the Sun: experiments regarding temporal wealth, hope, gain, fortune, divination, the favour of princes, to dissolve hostile feeling, and to make friends."


MOON | Emotions, intuition and fertility.
Day of the week - Monday
Greek God - Hecate
Olympic Spirit - Phul
Metal - Silver
Archangel - Michael
Associated with - astral travel, clairvoyance, motherhood, intuition, fertility, dreams, emotional wellbeing.
Crystals - selenite, opal, clear quartz, moonstone, pearl

16th Century Key Of Solomon excerpt - 
"In the Days and Hours of the Moon: embassies, voyages, envoys, messages, navigation; reconciliation, love, and the acquisition of merchandise by water; in the hours of the Moon: making trial of experiments relating to recovery of stolen property, for obtaining nocturnal visions, for summoning Spirits in sleep, and for preparing anything relating to Water."

MARS | Action, motivation, defence and strength.
Day of the week - Tuesday
Greek God - Ares
Olympic Spirit - Phaleg
Metal - Iron
Archangel - Raguel
Associated with - war or fights, lust, destruction, masculinity, strength, energy, conflict, enemies, surgery, wounds and pain, triumph and victory, sexuality, assertion.
Crystals - bloodstone, red jasper, garnet, ruby, carnelian, pyrite.

16th Century Key Of Solomon excerpt - "In the Days and Hours of Mars: experiments regarding War, to arrive at military honour, acquire courage, overthrow enemies, etc.; in the hours of Mars: summoning Souls from Hades, especially of those slain in battle."

MERCURY | Communication, travel, technology and thoughts.
Day of the week - Wednesday
Greek God - Hermes
Olympic Spirit - Ophiel
Metal - Mercury
Archangel - Gabriel
Associated with - memory, thinking, intelligence, knowledge, good luck, traveling, business and work, divination, remembering dreams and past events 
Crystals - jasper, chalcedony, agate, aventurine, amethyst, hematite, fluorite

16th Century Key Of Solomon excerpt - "In the Days and Hours of Mercury: eloquence and intelligence, promptitude in business, science and divination, etc.; in the Hours of Mercury: undertaking experiments relating to games, raillery jests, sports, etc."

JUPITER | Good fortune, expansion and money.
Day of the week - Thursday
Greek God - Zeus
Olympic Spirit - Bethor
Metal - Tin
Archangel - Anael
Associated with - religion, spirituality, spirit guides and mentors, peace, higher knowledge, abundance, authority, career, affairs abundance, blessings, health
Crystals - pyrite, green aventurine, citrine

16th Century Key Of Solomon excerpt - "In the Days and Hours of Jupiter: obtaining honours, acquiring riches, contracting friendships, preserving health"

VENUSBeauty, love, health and self care.
Day of the week - Friday
Greek God - Aphrodite
Olympic Spirit - Hagith
Metal - Copper
Archangel - Raphael
Associated with - harmony, love, peace, lust, physical beauty, femininity, good luck, fertility, justice, legal and social affairs, luxury, self-care, the arts, cooperation, relationships
Crystals -  jade, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, aventurine, emerald

16th Century Key Of Solomon excerpt - "In the Days and Hours of Venus: forming friendships, for kindness and love, joyous and pleasant undertakings, travelling; in the hours of Venus: lots, poisons, preparing powders provocative of madness, etc."

SATURN | Protection, stability and cleansing.
Day of the week - Saturday
Greek God - Kronos
Olympic Spirit - Aratron
Metal - Lead
Archangel - Saraphael
Associated with - discipline, karma, business and career affairs, public reputation, debt and financial affairs, maturity, obstacles and limitations, power, authority, intellect, sadness, pain
Crystals - onyx, jet, black obsidian, green aventurine, apache tears

16th Century Key Of Solomon excerpt - 
"In the Days and Hours of Saturn: the summoning of Souls from Hades, but only of those who have died a natural death."

Seven Olympic Spirits

From the Arbatel de magia veterum, or Magic of the Ancients (1575) and the writings of Paracelsus (1493 – 1541)

  1. Monday: Phul presides over the Moon

  2. Tuesday: Phaleg presides over Mars

  3. Wednesday: Ophiel presides over Mercury

  4. Thursday: Bethor presides over Jupiter

  5. Friday: Hagith presides over Venus

  6. Saturday: Aratron presides over Saturn

  7. Sunday: Och presides over the Sun


But what about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto?!

Assosciated with - change, awakenings, social progress, humanitarian affairs, technology, eccentricity, caution and awareness, friendships, science, abrupt or sudden news/events, rebellion, unpredictability 

Assosciated with - dreams, psychic abilities, premonitions, religion, spirituality, astrology, divination, imagination, hidden things, clarity, illusions, mental health, artistic expression and creativity, serving/healing self and others .

Assosciated with - transformation, destruction, psychology, rebirth, death, inheritances, spirituality, paranormal realms, obsession, astral travel or projection, occult practices, sexuality, the subconscious mind, extreme change, fate, mediumship, secrets 

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