Releasing Fears with the Dark Moon

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Dark Moon Ritual

The night before a New Moon is called a Dark Moon.
this is the perfect time to start working on your fears and anxieties, letting go of the feelings and actions that are weighing you down.

You'll Need:
Black Candle
Lighter or Match
Smudge or Incense
Paper + Pen

1. Set up your ritual area using all your desired items and spiritual tools.2. Take a moment to ground, shield and centre your energy with your incense or smudge.

3. Begin by writing down all the worries, fears and anxieties that are currently on your mind. Start by saying

"I now release ..(insert your fear).. because ..(write how it is weighing you down)..

4. Once you are ready, light the paper on fire with your candle.

5. Take a few moments to envision these fears being released into the night sky.

6. Blow out your candle knowing that once the sun rises, and the new moon begins to emerge, the fears that once held you back are now no longer yours to worry about.

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