Ritual Baths

Ritual Baths

Ritual (noun)
A set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony
Ritual or spiritual baths are more than just a new age name for overpriced bath salts with a ridiculous amount of herbs...You've probably already had one and didn't even realise!  🛁
Aside from the relaxing and therapeutic qualities a nice warm bath entails, you can use ritual baths to detach yourself from matters of the heart and cleanse and clear away discordant energy lingering in our auric field.
A ritual bath is a bath with intention, to mindfully cleanse your auric field, lift your vibration and remove energetic debris.
From a metaphysical perspective, having a bath is the element of water, which is aligned with the energy of the Moon. The Moon governs our emotions, inner nature, emotional security and feminine side.
If you're undergoing psychic attack, the first thing I'm always recommending is a ritual bath. This is because of their purifying properties. 

Various belief systems and philosophies from around the world have their own version of a ritual bath and most of these baths require only water, a simple ritual, accessible botanicals, and the intention  to nurture and cleanse your spirit.
I personally use and LOVE Psychic Shield Bath Salts made by us, and Magistery Spiritual Bath Salts by Natura Maga 🛁
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You'll Need:
-1 cup, or about 100g of any type of natural bath salt (epson salts, Himalayan salt, dead sea salt, magnesium flakes).
-5 drops of essential oils of your choice.
-1/2 cup of botanicals or herbs of your choice.
If you have none, walk around your garden or neighbourhood and search for aromatic plants and leaves like rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, jasmine, roses, frangipani, magnolia etc, or use citrus peels or herbal tea bags.
-You can add incense, crystals, candles, soft music and mood lighting of choice if you wish.
1. Mix your chosen essential oils with your bath salts first and mix really well.
2. Add chosen botanicals/herbs to your salt mix.
3. Make sure the bath itself is super clean. Give it a good rinse first. Rinse yourself off too in the shower. Remember you're partaking in a RITUAL... similarly to how Christian's save their best clothes for Church, or Muslim's wash before each prayer and take their shoes off. 
4. Run your bath water, and add your salts. Turn of all distractions (aka your phone).
5. Soak for 30-40 minutes.
As you're in the bath, concentrate on your intention to cleanse your auric field, your chakras, your emotional self, your mental self, your physical self and your spiritual self. Clear your mind of your worries, any unwelcome thoughts and negativity.
6. When you're ready, carefully get out of the bath and reorient yourself to the world around you. Drink a glass of water and slowly return to your day.
Ritual baths are powerful forms of cleansing. I'd recommend not doing this more than once a week unless you're under heavy spiritual attack.
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I want to have a ritual bath but I don’t have a bathtub.

If I don’t have a bathtub what else can I use?

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