Root / Base Chakra

Root / Base Chakra

Your Root or Base chakra based on modern chakra interpretations is located at the base of the spine and it surrounds your feelings of safety, security, worthiness, basic needs and physical energy.

According to Tantric ancient scripts, Shakti is the female energy of consciousness and Shiva, the male energy of consciousness. They lived as one in the Sahasrara lotus (now known as the Crown Chakra), until Shakti was separated from Shiva as a result of the manifestation of creation. Legend has it, where Shakti’s footsteps lay, grew six lotus flowers from which the chakras were born. The energy of Shakti is said to now live in the base chakra - often referred to as Kundalini, she lays asleep in the image of a serpent, waiting to be awakened by Shiva, whereupon they will once again be as one.

It has both a negative (victim) and positive (mother) archetype that is established in your early childhood from birth. Your root chakra is where and how we anchor our self in the world around us. It is the building blocks for defining your Identity.

Have a look at your early childhood, your experiences, relationship with your parents and your level of nourishment for yourself. This can help you determine whether those factors have set you up with a weak or strong foundation.

This chakra connected with scent/smelling things, also known as the olfactory system.

Hindu NameMuladhara (Mula meaning root and adhara meaning support)
Also known as - First chakra, root chakra, seat of the soul
Location - base of spine (coccyx bone)
Colour - red
SoundLAM (rhymes with thumb)
Nerve - Lumbosacral plexus (supplies motory and sensory function to the buttocks, legs, lower pelvic area, male reproductive organs, and the prostate)
NourishmentProteins, red fruit and vegetables, red juices like beetroot or cranberry, root vegetables.
GlandThe base chakra is connected to the Testes and Adrenal Medulla.
The testes are glands within the male reproductive system that are responsible for producing testosterone and sperm.

The Adrenal Medulla is located above the kidneys and secretes the adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones when we experience stress or sense danger. Adrenaline is associated with our fight or flight response which links us to our basic need for survival.

Characteristics Assertiveness, ambition, athletic, belonging, career, confidence, connection to earth and nature (earth, mountains, rocks, sand, plants, trees), courage, direction, family of origin (parents, siblings, grandparents, relatives), foundation, goals, grounded, instincts regarding safety and survival matters, intent, material matters, money, motivation, patience, physical energy, procreation, prosperity, purpose, safety, security, sex drive in males, stability, strength, success, survival (individual and as a planet), taking action, vitality for the physical body, professional relationships.

Imbalancesmaterialistic, domineering, low motivation, violence, insecurity, purposelessness; feeling unwanted, excessive sex drive (in males), procrastination, overly concerned with physical survival, greedy, can’t reach goals, anger, not grounded, hyperactive; suicidal tendencies, lack of energy.

IdentitySelf preservation. The actions I take are for my survival.
Basic RightThe Right to exist. The right to nourish and care for our physical body and tend to our survival needs.
Lesson - Fear of loss of health, mobility, life, income, material possessions, survival necessities etc.
Relationships - parents, siblings, family units, lineages, colleagues, and employers.

Secondary Chakras
The root chakra has secondary chakras called Talas.
Atala is located around your hips and is the focus are of fear and lust.
Vitala is located around your thighs and is the focus area of anger and resentment. 
Physically tapping or bumping with a closed fist can help shift any stagnant energy here.
Blockages and Belief Systems
Energetic blockages are like a muscle knot. You need to work at them for them to relax and loosen. They occur when we have an idea - an unhelpful idea, that creates a negative pattern that prevents the full flow of energy. 
These blockages are broken up into 5 subcategories.

Feelings -sadness (loss of love), anger (shows we need boundaries), fear (feeling endangered), disgust (lack of health/not good for us), and happiness.
Beliefs - Beliefs are what you accept as true.
Emotions - These are beliefs with the associated feelings.
Physical - A physical sensation to a feeling, belief or emotion. It can even be an illness, health condition or injury.
Spiritual - your connections with your higher self/universe.
To deal with past traumas and triggers, it may be helpful to write them down and go through one by one as you return to a situation that you remember.
What happened? Who was there? What effects did their actions create? How did you feel? Were your needs met? What belief (as above) has resulted from this? What words of advice would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?
To heal sadness, we need to grieve. To heal anger we need to establish boundaries and return our power to ourselves. To heal fear, we need to be listened to and acknowledged. To heal disgust, we need self love and flow to what feels right. Happiness is what we want, and with that comes contentment and acceptance.
Once we revisit each situation, it’s helpful to find a higher truth in the traumatic experience. Take that piece of information and throw away the rest. - or an analogy I like is to save the pearl and throw away the oyster and shell.
Can you create a new belief based on this reflection? 

Nose Gazing
Nose gazing a few times a day can help you connect with that root chakra energy. Nose gazing is when you relax your eyes so that you can see your nose and hold it. When you feel strain, relax and return to normal.

Root Chakra Mantras
I am enough exactly how I am
I trust this loving universe
I nourish and love myself
I love and forgive my family
I am grounded and connected to all around me

Black tourmaline
Red jasper
Smokey quartz

Essential Oils
Clary Sage

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