Your Guide To Samhain

Your Guide To Samhain

Northern Hemisphere
 Southern Hemisphere
Oct 31 - Nov 1
Actual: 7th November 2020
Apr 30 - May 1
Actual: 5th May 2020


The autumn celebration of Samhain (Pronounced So-ween) marks the beginning of the Witches New Year and is commonly referred to as Halloween, Samhain is the celebration of death and rebirth as days get shorter, and the darkness increases.

It is a time of reflection and connection with our ancestors and all those who have departed. As we honour our loved ones and seek out their advice and insights, we can also celebrate their teachings and memories.

It is when the veil is thinnest between worlds, so our psychic/intuitive senses can be extremely heightened and activated. Use caution with any mind altering substances at this point in time.

Samhain embodies the energy of the Crone, the wisdom keeper of the spiritual world. The Crone energy is wise, respected and a grandmotherly Goddess figure. We call upon the Crone energy for higher guidance and knowledge.

-The word Samhain is Irish for 'summer's end'.

-In faerie lore, Samhain night is known as the 'wild hunt' where it's believed that the fae leave their homes to wreak havoc on our earthly plane. Celt's wore iron, had bags of salt and wore their clothes inside out for protection.

-Celt's also used divination on this night to see their futures, and baby's born on this date were believed to hold great psychic power, and were very respected in their communities (and also feared).

Things To Do:

Setting up an altar, or dedicated spot for you to honour the season and practice your rituals is a lovely way to connect and enhance the energy of Samhain. Altars can be kept up for a long as you feel necessary, but 1-2 weeks is generally enough

-You can gather aligned supplies to decorate your altar. Use seasonal correspondences and anything that feels right.

-Light a candle for each of your losses you wish to acknowledge. These losses can be loved ones, or physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of yourself. Then pour yourself a glass of your favourite beverage, and toast to your achievements and accomplishments.

-Create your own altar artwork! Mandala drawing and colouring is a great way to tie up loose ends and disconnnect from anything lingering. It's like a binding spell. As you are drawing your mandala, focus on a situation you wish to be done with. A completed mandala signifies in this instance, that the energy is now bound into the mandala, and restrained from causing you further trouble and worry.

Use your discernment to decide on whether you wish to keep this mandala or burn/bury it. It will depend on individual circumstances.

-Place images of loved ones who have passed on your altar. Light a candle, offer some food or burn incense in their honour.

-Have a bonfire! Enjoy the warmth from the fire against the crisp outdoor air. You can write down anything you wish to release and throw it into the flames.

-Make Soul Cakes (click here for a recipe)



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