What is Magick + Ethics to Consider

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Witchcraft is a science... science Is based on observation and experimentation
Astrology -> astronomy
Alchemy -> chemistry
Numerology -> mathematics
Herbalism -> medicine
-Magic is being able to detect and create change.
-Magick is aligning yourself with divine universal power, and thus influencing your reality. It is not an attempt to control everything.
-Magick is being a partner in the ongoing creation of your life.
-Magick is to take command of your thoughts, and set them to work in positive ways. To consciously align yourself with the creative power of the universe.
-Magick is to make choices in your life and take action - magickal and mundane - to manifest them.
-Magick is to release your intentions into the Divine, trusting that when it is right for you, it will come - and whatever does or doesn’t come, you accept it as a gift and strive to learn what you can from it.

Baneful Magick
So the lines of crafting magick can, and are blurred when it comes to malevolent magick.
Obviously we aren’t here to hurt others, but there are instances where you need to stop the attacker from hurting you, which can involve the justification of this type of energy manipulation. 
The objective in this instance would be to restore balance/equilibrium. Incidental harm may occur due to the intention of restoring balance, however it isn’t the intended goal. By doing this, you inadvertently accept the karmic debt that may occur.

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