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SAMHAIN // Witches Wheel Of The Year

SAMHAIN // Witches Wheel Of The Year

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Posted 15th April

Samhain (Pronounced So-ween) marks the beginning of the Witches New Year.
It is a time of reflection and connection with our ancestors and those who have departed. Commonly referred to as Halloween, Samhain is the celebration of death and rebirth. It is when the veil is thinnest between worlds. 
Samhain embodies the energy of the Crone, the wisdom keeper of the spiritual world. The Crone is wise, respected and a grandmotherly Goddess figure. We call upon the Crone for higher guidance and knowledge. 

Southern Hemisphere Apr 30 - May 1 (can be celebrated up until 5th-6th May)
Northern Hemisphere Oct 31 - Nov 1

In this box, you will receive 6+ consciously curated items that align with supporting you through your Samhain ritual. 

The guides included are just a guide, and are reflective to what I do specifically. You can adapt these to suit you however you wish.

This box suits all skill levels and is non denominational.

Box contents include collaborations with other small businesses, ethically sourced products and hand crafted or collected items. We don't use toxic or harmful ingredients (ever!). The box contents are vegan friendly.

Samhain Box Valued at $73

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