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Dowsing with Rhi - Ritual Service

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Experience the power of personal dowsing sessions, where we focus solely on your questions, harnessing the energy of dowsing rods to seek out the answers you need. Whether you're at a crossroads, making a significant decision, or simply curious about the future, our sessions are designed to provide you with clarity and peace of mind.

Dowsing is a way to seek answers to questions and queries. It is a method of gaining accurate yes/no responses.

Through a detailed conversation over phone or video call, i'll conduct the dowsing session on your behalf, offering you the answers you need, no matter where you are. Sessions can be live, or recorded for you and posted as an unlisted youtube video for you to watch. 

Please provide a list of questions that you would like the answer to if you want it recorded. 

NOTE: Please note that it is preferred for you to be on the phone / on zoom incase other questions pop up in real time that you want answered. Sessions have a cap of 15 minutes once we begin. We can usually get through approx 15-20 questions in that time frame. The price is for the window of time allocated.

No refunds on unused questions or time.

5 minutes has always been more than sufficient to get your answers in. 

Time Frame: Usually up to 1 week turn around, may be done same day if urgent and appropriate notice is given


I reserve the right to refuse service and you will be refunded in full if I deem the service unproductive or if I cannot assist you. 


The flow and impact of energies in any ritualistic practice are subject to a multitude of variables that are often beyond human control or understanding. As such, the energy dynamics at play can sometimes lead to unpredictable or unintended results.

Given the influential factors of free will and variable energies, we do not guarantee specific results or outcomes from our rituals. Our services are intended to provide spiritual aid and are performed with the intent of positive influence, yet the final results may vary.

Clients must understand that they are responsible for their own life choices and decisions. Our services are designed to assist and guide, but ultimate responsibility for any actions and their consequences lies with the individual.

Our ritual services are spiritual in nature and are not substitutes for professional legal, medical, psychological, or financial advice. For matters requiring professional expertise, we strongly advise seeking assistance from qualified professionals.

By choosing to engage with our services, clients acknowledge and accept these conditions, understanding the inherent uncertainties involved in spiritual and ritualistic practices.

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Dowsing Rod

- Absolutely a way to get precised YES or NO answers. Confirmed clarity in moving and beyond ✨️