Crystal Gridding Your Home for Protection

Crystal Gridding Your Home for Protection

Energetically gridding your home or space is one of the strongest forms of protection. This can be done without any physical tools, however using crystals in your practice really anchors your intention into the space and provides a physical boundary line.

You can grid a particular room, the whole house, or even your entire property using the same method.

Please note- If you have small children around, put the crystals out of reach or in a knotted pouch or container to avoid choking hazards.

You'll need:
-A minimum of 4 crystals, ideally black tourmalinor selenite. You may need more for larger spaces.
-Smudge stick or cleansing spray

1. Start by energetically cleansing your self and space that you want to grid. Smudging will ensure that any stagnant energy is cleared so you have a clear slate for your grid. Don't forget to smudge the crystals you'll be using too!

2. Work out which are the 4 outermost corners of thspace. If you have multiple storeys, ground floor would work best.
If your home is an odd shape, you may want to use more crystals, or alternatively grid the outside of the home. It's okay to be creative. Do what feels right. Want to use potted plants as your boundary line? go for it!

3. As you place the crystals in each of the corners, say an affirmation or intention either out loud or in your head that feels comfortable and empowering to you.
-'This room is filled with white light'.
-'This grid protects myself and family'.
-'This home and everyone inside is divinely protected from any negative energy'.

4. Once all the crystals have been placed and standing in the centre of the home or room, use a single terminated (point) crystal, a wand or just your finger to join the crystals together with your mind's eye.
Envision a line/wall/barricade between each crystal. Take as long as you need to. Sometimes I envision an impenetrable pyramid of white light connected to my grid.
This activates the crystals to work in synergy with each other instead of as individual crystals.

You should cleanse the crystals regularly. Using the above steps, re-grid whenever a crystal is moved, after the crystals have been cleansed, after any household dramas or wheneveyou feel the grid needs strengthening. Use your intuition on this, or if you have a pendulum, you could ask it whether it needs reinforcement.

Need supplies? Have a look at our gridding kits here.

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