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The Spiritual Toolbox

House Crystal Gridding Kit

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Protecting your home is energetically as important as locking the door on your way out. Gridding your home helps set up an energetic barrier so that you only invite in energy that resonates with your highest good. 

This gridding kit contains 

7x Protective Crystals -  black tourmaline (you need 4 as a minimum, the 3 are extras if you wish to add more to your space)

You are welcome to draw up a house plan and I'll personally guide you on the best placements of these crystals.

1x Palo Santo cleansing stick

1x A how-to guide on energy cleansing and gridding.

To read more about gridding, read our guide here


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great guide

Thank you so much for this. The pack was helpful with easy instructions. I just can't thank you enough!