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The Spiritual Toolbox

7 Day Candle | Made To Order

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Made with soy wax, lead free cotton wick and glass jar.

Please allow up to 7 days for your candle to be prepared. They are made to order.

A 7 day candle is a candle that is contained within a jar that is intended to be burned over a period of 7 days, or for a longer magickal working to feed it consistent energy for an extended duration of time.

PLEASE NOTE - IF YOU WANT YOUR CANDLE FIXED FOR A SPECIFIC INTENTION, PLEASE ADD A NOTE AT CHECKOUT WITH YOUR INTENTION. We utilise planetary timings to amplify energies, so the sooner we have that information, the quicker we can get to work with the optimal timings.

✨White- All purpose
✨Orange- creativity, courage and legal matters
✨Purple- spiritual development and intuition
✨Yellow - friendships, confidence, motivation, happiness and expression

✨Blue- forgiveness and truth, harmony, peace and tranquility
✨Green- health, success, abundance and prosperity
✨Black- protection and banishing
✨Red - romantic love, close matters of the heart

How To Burn A 7 Day Candle

1.Write your name (or your target) and what you want on a small piece of paper. It should be in a positive, present tense.

2.Fold it in half, toward you for drawing in, or away for banishing things.

3.Place the paper under the candle, or tape it to the side. You can add any additional sigils, symbols or words of power here too.

4.If your candle is 'fixed', it will come with herbs and oils added to amplify the intention of your magickal working. If your candle is not fixed, then you can add any aligned herbs, oils or powders suitable for your goal.

5.With your dominant hand, place it over the top of the unlit candle. Focus on your intention and charge the candle with your energy. Hold your focus until you feel you have sufficiently charged it.

6.Light your candle. If you can no longer supervise your candle, snuff it out and relight it at your next available moment.

Never leave a candle burning unattended.

Customer Reviews

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Stunning.. smells amazing

Burns for ever. Such a beautiful candle I just adore it. Such a powerful little thing.
I cannot recommend Rhi and spiritual
Toolbox enough with everything they do. Customer service and products are just magnificent