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Ascend The Soul Ritual Oil

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10ml Ascend The Soul Ritual Oil - Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

Purpose: Elevate Your Vibrational Energy Beyond Physical Limits

Harness the power of our Ascend The Soul Ritual Oil to enhance your spiritual practices. Designed to elevate your vibrational energy, this oil helps you transcend physical boundaries and connect with the astral realm.

10ml = approx 200 drops 

How to Use

  • Spiritual Practice - Apply a few drops to your palms before meditating or any spiritual activity. Inhale deeply to align your energy.
  • Personal Application - Wear on pulse points, third eye, and temples for continuous protection and elevation.
  • Ritual Anointing - Use a drop to anoint ritual items, enhancing their energy and effectiveness.
  • Space Protection - Smear a drop over doorways, thresholds, or sacred spaces to elevate and protect your environment.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • Basil Essential Oil - Provides protection, clarity, and focus.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil - Releases pent-up feelings, fosters spontaneity, and encourages optimism.
  • Rose Essential Oil - Connects you with the Angelic Realm, offering supreme spiritual protection.
  • Immortelle Essential Oil - Known for its healing properties and enlightenment, this flower remains vibrant even after being picked.

Customer Reviews

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I loved this oil 💗

Rachael Redfern

Ascend The Soul Ritual Oil

Maddison Reynolds

Ascend The Soul Ritual Oil

Nadia Jayne Brown
Love this Magical Blend so much!

I use this in my morning rituals and it's powerful! Love it and rate it

Aimee G
Best for meditation

I love using this before I meditate. A drop in my palms and across my temple and it helps me to connect to a much more conscious mindset almost immediately