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The Spiritual Toolbox

Ascend The Soul Ritual Oil

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Size: *New* 10ml / 200 drops

Purpose: Designed to help your own vibrational energy consciously rise above and beyond the limitations of the physical body, and into the astral realm.

How to Use:
-Put a few drops into your palms prior to any spiritual practice and inhale deeply.
-Wear on your body, particularly over pulse points, third eye and temples.
-Anoint your ritual items with a drop of oil prior to use.
-Smear a drop over the doorways or thresholds of your home, sacred space or study area to elevate and protect your energy.



For protection, clarity and focus.


Release pent up feelings, help to live spontaneously and with optimism. Letting it go.


Assists in establishing a connection with the Angelic Realm. Offers the highest spiritual form of energetic protection.


For healing and enlightenment. Known as the flower that never fades, even once it’s picked.

Customer Reviews

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I loved this oil 💗

Rachael Redfern

Ascend The Soul Ritual Oil

Maddison Reynolds

Ascend The Soul Ritual Oil

Nadia Jayne Brown
Love this Magical Blend so much!

I use this in my morning rituals and it's powerful! Love it and rate it

Aimee G
Best for meditation

I love using this before I meditate. A drop in my palms and across my temple and it helps me to connect to a much more conscious mindset almost immediately