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Blue Sage (Grandmother Sage) | Smoke Cleansing Stick

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Blue Sage, often referred to as Grandmother Sage, is a revered plant in various spiritual and cleansing rituals, prized for its gentle yet effective energy cleansing properties. 

Unlike White Sage, which has a more intense and sometimes overwhelming energy, Blue Sage offers a gentler cleansing effect. It is suitable for those who are sensitive to stronger energies or prefer a softer approach to spiritual cleansing.

Soothing and Calming

Blue Sage is known for its calming properties, making it ideal for use in meditation and healing sessions. It helps to soothe the mind and decrease anxiety, facilitating a peaceful state that enhances spiritual introspection and healing.

Spiritual Growth

Often used in rituals that focus on spiritual growth and healing, Blue Sage can help open the door to spiritual insights and elevate one's consciousness. It's believed to enhance intuition and inner wisdom, assisting users in connecting more deeply with their spiritual guides.

Purification and Protection

While it is milder, Blue Sage still effectively purifies the environment and objects from negative energies. It also offers spiritual protection, creating a protective shield around the user or the space in which it is burned.

approx 10cm x 3cm

How to Use:

  1. Set Your Intention: Before you light the energy cleansing stick, decide what you want to cleanse from your space or mind.
  2. Ignite: Light the end of your bundle, allowing it to catch fire. Blow it out and let the smoke billow.
  3. Walk & Wave: Gently wave the stick in the air, allowing the smoke to waft around your space.
  4. Extinguish Safely: When finished, press the energy cleansing stick into a fireproof bowl or abalone shell to extinguish.


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