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Fixed Candles | Haus of Ambrosia

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Fixed Candle

Fixed Candles made by Haus Of Ambrosia


-D.U.M.E (death unto my enemy) - D.U.M.E. Or do/death unto my enemies is a powerful and serious cursing, crossing, jinxing, revenge candle. Used to cause harm to one’s enemies by way of energy reversal. 

-Voodoo Pu$$y - Spice up your intimate life

-Protection aka 🔥 Fiery Wall of Protection 🔥- Fiery wall of Protection Hoodoo recipe that can be used as an overall protection/barrier oil. It’s perfect for any situation where you feel as though you are being threatened. It not only serves as a great tool to defend against unwanted negative energy, it can also be preventative.

-Money Maker - for money drawing

-Win At Court - for legal battles 

-Road Opener - unblock obstacles hindering your path

-Crown of Success - Facilitating your overall success in life and helping you accomplish goals.

-Chain Breaker - Our hex breaking/uncrossing fixed candle has dropped! Rid yourself of the unwanted and cleanse and clear yourself. Clears hexes, jinxes, curses and evil eye.

-Higher Wisdom - The "Spiritual Awakening” support Fixed Candle

-Follow Me - A commanding candle traditionally used by Women to keep a man faithful or to get a man under their control.

-Love Draw - These candles are fixed to draw love from within, to then be able to access and draw in universal love.

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