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Hexes, Curses and Baneful Magick | Class

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Launching 17th June - Right before Saturn stations Retrograde just to spice some things up 😉.
Hexing, curses and baneful magick fall under a very ambiguous area of magick. It's a concept as old as time - and it's vehemently discussed in varying magickal traditions of either something to avoid 100% of the time, or embraced and harnessed as a form of defence and protection.
Just as a knife can be used to create meals, it can be used to harm. A poor analogy I know but I hope you can get the gist of the point I'm trying to make. Whether or not you're down for utilising this in your practice, at the very minimum it's good to know what to look out for incase you're the target of malevolent energy.
In this class we will discuss:
-ethics, why the concept of black and white magick is null,
-the differences between hexes, curses, bindings etc
-magickal correspondences
-magickal ingredients
-personal power and degrees of magick
-signs you've been hexed/cursed etc
-techniques to utilise
-poppets, petitions
-uncrossings and safety
Delivery: At this point in time I will be providing all the content in self paced modules because I am predicting a lot of you aren't comfortable for this sort of information, but it will be there when you need it if the time arises.
By purchasing this course, you will have lifetime access to the contents including all upgrades and additions that are added along the way. 

Included in your School of Magick subscription, or available as a one off purchase. 

Once enrolled, please check your spam email for the welcome email to access the class.

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