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The Spiritual Toolbox

Custom Intention Pouch + Poppet

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Custom intention pouches created upon order. Please allow up to 7 days to create your spell pouch or poppet  

These are filled with aligned organic and wildcrafted herbs, crystals and resins reflective and suited to your intention. Materials used are cotton and felt, and handstitched. 

Poppets can be made in the likeness of a person, and no 2 poppets will ever be the same.

It is suggested that you add personal concerns to your poppet to strengthen the connection and taglock to the person or target. 

Carry them close when you want to invoke the energy of the intention. Rub the pouch together in your palms to awaken the energy inside.

A guide will be provided for using your poppet.

When not required, keep in a safe place for future use or discard and return natural items back to earth. 

Leave a note at checkout for your requested intention. The more details you give me, the better I can tailor your pouch or poppet.

Suggested intentions








-harmony and peace

-clarity and focus

-spiritual warfare (no judgement here whatsoever). 

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Beautiful pouch with instructions