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The Spiritual Toolbox

Lammas // Witches Wheel Of The Year

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A box specially curated for Lughnasadh / Lammas

Southern Hemisphere 1st/2nd February

🌾 Embrace the Harvest🌾

Step into the golden glow of Lammas with our exclusive, eco-conscious surprise box! Crafted for the discerning mystic, this treasure trove is a homage to the first harvest, blending natural splendour with practical magic.

Every item in our box breathes sustainability. We've handpicked only the finest, nature-loving products, ensuring that your spiritual practice leaves a gentle footprint on our Mother Earth.

Unveil a selection of bespoke ritual tools, each resonating with the Lammas energy. These aren't just tools; they're allies in your journey towards spiritual abundance and gratitude.

From organic herbs to handcrafted candles, each element in our box connects you deeper to the spirit of the harvest. Feel the pulse of the earth as you weave your rituals with these gifts from nature.

Expect the unexpected – from crystal allies to artisanal incense, all aligned with the spirit of abundance and gratitude.

Celebrate Lammas in true witchy fashion. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious novice, our Lammas Surprise Box is your gateway to an enchanted harvest festival. Limited in number and brimming with magic – grab yours before they vanish like a midsummer dream!

In this box, you will receive 6+ consciously curated items that align with supporting you through your Lammas ritual. 

The guides included are just a guide, and are reflective to what I do specifically. You can adapt these to suit you however you wish.

This box suits all skill levels and is non denominational.

Box contents include collaborations with other small businesses, ethically sourced products and hand crafted or collected items. We don't use toxic or harmful ingredients (ever!). 

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Box will ship by Monday 18th January

Customer Reviews

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being new to this i found the box to be amazing, am looking forward to more in the future to continue the journey that i am on
thank you ♥️