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The Spiritual Toolbox

Love + Passion Botanical Infused Ritual Oil

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Size: 10ml / 200 drops

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, rose*, geranium*, imortelle*, roman chamomile*, jasmine*, organic cinnamon, organic rose, organic jasmine, organic passionflower, organic hibiscus.
+ Rose Quartz essence

*Denotes essential oil

How To Use:
Anoint your heart chakra or pulse points, petition your intentions.. imbue your life with all the love and passion drawing magick, whether it's for relationships, friendships or something you're really passionate about.
This ritual oil can be paired with candles, sigils, planetary alignments (Venus), colour correspondences (pink and red), crystals (rose quartz, chrysoprase, moonstone, rhodonite etc ) or intentions alone.

Customer Reviews

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Yasemin Deniz
Absolutely loved it!

Anything I buy from the spiritual toolbox has been incredible

Rachael Lapham
Love this shop!

I always buy from. Here and I am always happy! Great communication and fast shipping.

Helen Grillas
love and passion infused ritual oil

love.. it's gorgeous