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The Spiritual Toolbox

Magic Moon Incense

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10x hand rolled incense sticks 

the original listing with all the reviews got accidentally deleted 😭

This incense blend is the signature scent of TST

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Smells divine

This is one of the first things I bought from TST. It smells very relaxing/calming. It helps me deal with moments of anxiety. I bought 5 packs the 2nd time I ordered these so that I don't run out quickly HAHA!

Barbara N
Absolutely divine

This Magic Moon Incense smells absolutely divine. I first got it as a gift with one of my orders and had to ask immediately what it was. I love the idea that it is a signature blend of The Spiritual Toolbox and smells amazing. When I have it burning, my neighbours always ask what it is. Thank you 🥰

Anjie Vix
Magic Moon is my ritual go-to

This is the only stick incense I use and I am obsessed it smells hand made and free of chemical scents and it induces the perfect state for magick!

smells amazing!

Such an amazing scent, I love this incense. It's so good even my dad likes it so I got him his own pack as a gift.
The smell is so beautiful I use the sticks as air fresheners around the house, I just put them into plant pots, and whenever I feel like lighting one it's already in its holder ;) the ash and stick are biodegradable too so win win!

Most beautiful incense of all time <3

One of my most fave incense EVER! I constantly have to have a pack amongst my incense stash and have to be careful to not use them so quickly because they smell SO GOOD! Always get comments from visitors saying how beautiful it smells when i have it burning in my home. Something definitely magical about these <3