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Neroli 3% - 5ml - Organic

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Precious oils are highly regarded for their therapeutic properties, aroma and metaphysical benefits.

In 100% Pure form, they are very expensive, and often cost upwards of $100 for a small bottle.

Our precious oils have already been safely diluted in organic jojoba oil, and are ready for topical application, or can be blended with other essential oils or skincare products.


Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium

Therapeutic Actions

Digestive, Carminative - Helps improve circulation and digestive complaints. 

Antidepressant - supports anxiety, depression and nervous tension. Acts as a very mild hypnotic. Neroli can help support positive emotions and a peaceful outlook.

Helps to reduce the appearance of scarring and wrinkles, blemishes and supports sensitive, damaged and mature skin.

Metaphysical Properties

Purifies your auric field from stagnation, helping to alleviate negative thought patterns and habits.

Settles emotions, improves sensual connections and sacral chakra energy flow. Supportive during healing from childhood trauma and emotional crisis.

Planet - Sun

Element - Fire

Safety - No known contraindications.

Country of Origin: Egypt + Morocco

Extraction Method: Steam distilled

Fun Fact - Named after a princess of Nerola in Italy who loved to wear it as a perfume.

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