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Palo Santo // For Energy Cleansing

10 pack // $18 each (1.80 each)

3 Pack // $6.50 (2.16 each)

Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is great for energetically cleansing a person or space of stagnant or negative vibes.

To use: Light one end on fire and let it catch alight for about 10-30 seconds or as required to get the wood burning. Blow out the flame and let the smoke cleanse yourself or your space. When you're finished, blot out on a firesafe dish or pop in a closed glass jar to stop the burning. Relight as required. 

 Sustainability: They are sourced from Ecuador and are a part of a reforestation program which ensures the long term sustainability of Palo Santo. 


Comes with smudging manta card. 


Each stick approx 10x1cm

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Linda Baker

Positive energy is released with every stick. Calming scent to start and finish each day.

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