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Psychic Shield Spray (# 1 Sold Product)

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Psychic Shield - May chang, patchouli, frankincense and rosemary essential oil in a rosemary base infused with black tourmaline.

Spray over your auric field to create a safe bubble of protection around you.

Use before entering crowded places, after dealing with a draining person or situation, or as general energetic hygiene.

Also available as a roll on oil, bath salt blend and pure essential oil blend.

This is our number 1 selling blend store wide and through all our wholesalers. 

 📖Creation Story 📖
This spray was something I made for myself because I was going though an energetically dense time in my life and absorbing lots of outside energy. I wanted a shield of protection around me, like a cloak, however I still needed to be seen (cloaking in public can lead to accidents and crashes etc). I wanted to invoke a feeling of elevated but grounded and centred calm - ready to take on the shit show 🤣💪🏼.
A friend who is an empath / healer was feeling energetically fatigued, so I made up her a spray too. Another friend was given a sample, who then showed someone else ... and word got out 🤣🙏🏼🙌
Now it's my most sold item in store 💜😍
Last end of financial year you guys bought over 1000 bottles 12 months 🤯🙈).
I've had other businesses try to replicate my recipe, and people selling black market psychic shield 🤨😅 (DW my lawyer was all over it 👊).
Yeah anyone can throw some ingredients together and call it whatever they want, but by supporting TST, you're purchasing MY MAGICK + creation. It's been tried and tested by myself and many willing participants (thank you friends - you know who you are).

FUN FACT- Something you may not know, there's also a sigil for protection + shielding embedded under the logo. I've never mentioned it before because you can't see it, but energetically and photo layer wise, it's there 😍

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Love this spray so much I have two!

I can see why this spray gets sold out! It just smells so beautiful. Love it so much that I keep the big bottle at home and the little spray in bag when I feel like I need a pick me up or have had a bad moment. It just smells so beautiful. Glad to have to discovered STB and Rhi xxx


Love love love this spray. It’s just beautiful, one of my favourites

Rachel Gray
Never leave home without it!

Once you have had the pleasure of sniffing this incredible blend, life will never be the same!
I’ve been using psychic shield for over a year now and I feel naked without it! The beautiful fragrance and feeling of protection has become as much a part of my leaving the home routine as grabbing my keys and phone. Highly recommend giving this a try- I Love this stuff!!
Oh and- As always delivery and top quality customer service received when making an order at TST 💜

Christy Dosser
5 STARS ⭐️

It’s amazing I love it🥰 protection is so important to me. will be ordering it again it is best product I’ve purchased thanks again ⭐️

Psychic Shield Spray

I have purchased this fantastic product numerous times from Rhi.
The benefits of this spray are amazing, and it is great to use for any everyday occasion! 🙌🏻😊