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The Spiritual Toolbox

Release The Soul Ritual Oil | 10ml

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Size: 10ml / 200 drops (also available as a balm)

Purpose: This blend helps alleviate stuck and stagnant emotions held in the physical body resulting in aches, soreness and stiffness.

It works on the 4 bodies - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

How To Use:
-Massage into physically tense or painful areas of the body.
Put a few drops into your palms prior to spiritual practice and inhale deeply.
-Wear on your body, particularly over pulse points or tense areas of the body to carry the vibrational energy with you all day.
-Anoint your ritual items with a drop of oil prior to use.
-Smear a drop over the doorways or thresholds of your home, sacred space or study area to elevate and protect your energy.


Anti-inflammatory. Relieves stress and nervous tension.


Supports the body on every level. 


Relieves stress, worries and nervous tension.

Black Pepper

A natural anti-depressant, and muscle warmer for physical muscle tension. Guards against addictive thoughts.

Magnolia Flower

Releases buried and pent up feelings.


Customer Reviews

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This oil is seriously phenomenal. It’s helped physical things like sore ankles, muscles and tension held in the jaw but it’s also fantastic for brining about balance.