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The Spiritual Toolbox

Ritual Spell Melts

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Intention (Planet)

Spell Melts are a useful addition to your rituals. Designed to be melted on an oil burner, they can be used in place of candles if fires are not suitable.

Made with love and intention with sustainably sourced beeswax and soy. These melts are scented with natural essential oils and adorned with aligned botanicals that correspond with the 7 classical planets in Astrology. 

Each celestial body is believed to hold attributes that we can utilise to shape and bend reality to conform to our intentions.


Authority - Purpose - Illumination - Power - Health - Vitality - Energy 

Moon  Intuition - Divination - Emotions - Subconscious - Astral + Lucid Dreams

Strength - Domination - Defence - Action - Courage - Endurance

Mercury Communication - Intellect - Travel - Technology - Education - Speed

Prosperity - Luck - Expansion - Success - Abundance - Honour


Attraction - Love - Fertility - Relationships - Sensuality - Self Love


Banishing - Shadow Work - Protection - Boundaries - Death + Rebirth

Spell melts are packaged in 100% biodegradable cellulose bags. Please keep out of strong heat and direct sunlight. Never leave a burning candle or oil burner unattended.

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