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Ruda Rue Energy Cleansing Stick

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Rue, also known as Ruta graveolens, is a herb widely used in various cultural and spiritual practices for its potent energy cleansing and protective properties. Here are some key benefits of using Rue for energy cleansing:

Powerful Cleanser

Rue is highly regarded for its strong cleansing properties. It is believed to be effective in breaking and clearing negative energies, curses, and malevolent forces. Using Rue in smudging rituals can help purify a space, object, or person, restoring balance and tranquility.


Beyond cleansing, Rue is also used for protection. It is thought to create a protective barrier against evil eyes and negative spirits. Hanging dried Rue or using it in a smudging stick can shield a home or an individual from spiritual harm.

Promotes Healing

Rue is associated with healing, both in physical and spiritual realms. It is often used in rituals to promote health and recovery, helping to alleviate spiritual ailments and fostering an environment conducive to healing.

Attracts Positive Energy

After clearing negativity, Rue helps attract positive energies. Its vibrant nature is believed to invite good luck and prosperity, making it a favourite in rituals aimed at improving life circumstances.

Incorporating Rue into energy cleansing practices not only helps rid spaces and individuals of negative energies but also brings in a layer of protection, healing, and positivity. This makes Rue an essential herb for those looking to maintain a spiritually clean and safeguarded environment.

approx 10cm x 3cm

How to Use:

  1. Set Your Intention: Before you light the energy cleansing stick, decide what you want to cleanse from your space or mind.
  2. Ignite: Light the end of your bundle, allowing it to catch fire. Blow it out and let the smoke billow.
  3. Walk & Wave: Gently wave the stick in the air, allowing the smoke to waft around your space.
  4. Extinguish Safely: When finished, press the energy cleansing stick into a fireproof bowl or abalone shell to extinguish.

Remember to open a window or door to allow any negative energy to escape.

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