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The Spiritual Toolbox

Surprise Gift Box

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What's Included

Choose a price point and I’ll do the rest.

When you order a mystery box from us, you are not just getting a random selection of crystals, you are receiving a carefully curated collection of stones, each chosen especially for you.

Here’s how we do it:

Before we even begin selecting crystals, we take a moment to ground ourselves and set our intention for the process. We ask the Universe to guide us in choosing the crystals that will be most beneficial for the person receiving them.

Next, we tune into your energy. We do this by focusing on your name and any other information you’ve provided us with. We may also use a pendulum or our own intuition to connect with your energy field.

 With your energy in mind, we begin selecting crystals and aligned items or your mystery box. We trust our intuition completely during this process. Sometimes, we are drawn to certain stones without knowing why, but we trust that there is a reason for it. We may also receive intuitive messages or guidance on which crystals to choose for you.

Once we have selected the crystals, we cleanse and charge them using incense, sound, smoke cleansing then we charge them with intention and love.

Finally, we pack your mystery box with love and care. We may include a personal note or affirmation, and we always include a description of each crystal and its properties.

When you receive your box, know that the crystals inside were chosen just for you, with love and intention. We hope that they bring you healing, joy, and inspiration.

Crystal Only Boxes

You’ll get a minimum of 2 crystals included.

If you choose a box of a higher value, the crystals chosen will reflect the cost of the box (so you won’t get 1000 tiny crystals, but bigger, rarer and show stopping pieces).

If you have a particular intention in mind for the crystals (eg for protection or travel etc), please leave me a note at checkout and I’ll endeavour to align them with.

Crystal + Spiritual Supplies Boxes

In these boxes, you will receive a combination of crystals and tools for you to trial and use. Spiritual supplies may include essential oil blends, energy cleansing tools, candles, teas, altar tools, cards or artwork. 

If you have a specific intention for your Surprise Gift Box, please let me know so I can align the items with the purpose you're wanting. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Perfect gift to myself

I loved every piece in my surprise gift box! New products I wanted to try and just gorgeous pieces to complement them. Came at the right time when I needed them <3

Kim S.
best present to myself ever

This surprise gift box is the best!
I got exactly what I needed, thank you so much.
If you seat on the fence about buying one, don't, you will be plesently

Sarah French
Love love LOVE!!

This gift box is so cute. I enjoyed all my little gifts. Can't wait to buy another.

Leanne Carter
Just wow! Beyond what I expected!

I ordered the box as a treat to myself and asked for items that will help me protect my energy. What I got was a wonderful assortment of crystals, oils, sprays etc. I loved that the box also came with cards with instructions and information on how to use the items. Thank you for helping me spoil (and protect) myself ❤️

Kylie Maunder
Breathtaking, spectacular and unexpected

I received a $100 mystery box for Christmas and it is above and beyond worth the price. I received not only rare pieces but truly the most BEAUTIFUL piece of blue kyanite I think has ever existed on earth. It is the deepest, most intensely vibrant blue. I highly recommend these mystery boxes for yourself or for someone you love.