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The Spiritual Toolbox

Surrender The Soul Ritual Oil 10ml

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Size: 10ml / 200 drops

Purpose: To help you release and let go of anxieties, burdens and traumas. Inhale the aroma and exhale out anything that doesn't serve your highest good. This blend helps you to heal, and move forward, released from any baggage and resistance. It invokes peace and contentment.

How to Use:
-Rub into your palms prior to any spiritual practice and inhale deeply.
-Wear on your body, particularly over pulse points to carry the vibrational energy with you all day.
-Smear a drop over the doorways or thresholds of your home, sacred space or study area to elevate and protect your energy.

Peru Balsam

Comfort and warmth, soothing and mysterious.


Release pent up feelings, help to live spontaneously and with optimism. Letting it go.


Transformation, releasing old feelings and moving forward with the flow of life.


New perspective based on truth and light. Releasing on the exhale.

Juniper Berry

Support the spirit in challenging situations and strengthens the will.


Deep spiritual path. Grounding and integrated energy allowing trust to release.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lisa M
The most amazing blend

I love this blend so much! The fragrance is divine, but the way it just helps you to find peace when the world seems too much is truly amazing.

I will never be without this!

So comforting

I love this blend, it's my fave to use in a massage after a long, hard day of dealing with patients. I'm a counsellor in a high needs area, and I use surrender to help me not carry the energy of my day home with me and into my personal life