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Sweet Orange - 5ml - Organic

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Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis

5ml / 100 drops 

Ingredients: 100% pure organic sweet orange essential oil

Method of extraction: cold pressed

Metaphysical Properties

Element Fire + Water | Chakra Sacral + Solar Plexus
Imbued with the energy of the Sun, it has the strength to invoke high levels of energy.
It brings emotional support and regeneration, and helps to guide those lost in their journeys to find their path.
Aids in success, prosperity and money drawing.
Cultivates physical and creative energy.
Brings vitality and confidence.
Helps to overcome fears and obsessions.
Love and attraction drawing properties.

Therapeutic Properties

Has relaxing properties to the nervous system.
Stimulates appetite and digestion.
Supports overall wellness.
Soothes muscle spasms.
Aids in the prevention of bacterial growth and has purifying properties.
Supports a healthy immune system.

Magick + Mundane Home Recipes

Add 3 drops to every tablespoon (20ml) of jojoba or rosehip oil to help dull or oily complexions.
Dilute and apply to lower belly for digestive complaints.
Diffuse 4 - 6 drops of pure, or apply diluted to pulse points to uplift your mood.

Use in love drawing baths or magick sachets to help you appear more attractive to your intended partner. 
Add to prosperity powders, candles, or rituals where you need to bring a boost to the energy.
Use in healing spells or rituals around health and vitality.

Safety Considerations

Suitable for use with children over 6 months old following suitable dilution guidelines.
Non toxic, non irritant and non sensitising (Lawless, 2014, p. 153)
Cautions: Old or oxidised oils should be avoided. (Tisserand & Young, 2014, p. 372)

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