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Tarot Reading // Vix Esoterica

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Tarot Reading

Anjie from Vix Esoterica is a gifted seer and trusted close friend of The Spiritual Toolbox, and has been honing her skills for years, drawing upon her intuition, knowledge of symbolism and natural empathetic abilities to provide clients with insightful and meaningful readings.

Anjie approaches each reading with a sense of empathy and compassion, understanding that each client is unique and requires a personalised approach. With their deep understanding of the tarot, Anjie is able to guide clients through the complex and often mysterious symbolism of the cards, illuminating paths forward and helping them navigate the challenges of life.

Delivery: 10-14 days turn around on readings. Readings are recorded and delivered by private video on youtube.


Personality Card

You will need to provide your DOB.

Based on methods of numerology as taught by Mary K Greer - each person has a personality card attributed that speaks of the dominant archetypal energy in their current incarnation. Much like a tarot version of your astrological sign, this is a great way to see your character from a perspective that may give some hidden clues to the way you go about things and also provides a major arcana card you can use as a significator in your own Tarot explorations.

General Intuitive Read

A 3-card reading based around an idea/question that has a simple direct message for you- usually measured by past/present/future or asset/liability/outcome. It touches on the general energies around the query you provide.

Full Intuitive Read

Utilising as many cards as the Deck spirits deem necessary, this is a deeper dive into an area of your life (or multiple areas) that looks at various energies acting in your life or situation at this time. Also usually contains a single pull oracle card as a message from your guides.

Please leave a detailed note at checkout or send a follow up email to entailing your question or area/s in which you want to receive guidance. 

All orders placed through The Spiritual Toolbox will be forwarded to Vix Esoterica within one business day. Your email, order number and comments at checkout will be shared with Vix Esoterica confidentially for her to complete your reading. 

Instagram @vixintheshadows

Customer Reviews

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My Go-To Person

Every tarot reader needs their own tarot reader.. and Anj is mine. I'm incredibly excited to announce a new tarot reader to TST!!
Anjie is one of my closest friends, and the person I go to when I'm seeking guidance and support. She is an incredibly gifted soul, that has studied a plethora of magickal-adjacent topics.