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Thulite (rare) Copper Wrapped Necklace

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This hand made necklace is perfect for supporting your energy throughout the day. Its hand-wrapped loops of bright copper connect in a spiral pattern, allowing the alluring amethyst gemstone to rest delicately in the center. 

Gemstone: Thulite Double Terminated

Wire: Copper

Length: 45cm + 5cm adjustable.

We have chosen the images to best represent the stock we have on hand. Please note that there WILL be variations due to the nature of crystals and hand wrapped wire. 

Necklaces are chosen intuitively. If you wanted to chose yourself, please contact us before ordering.

Thulite, also known as pink zoisite, is a vibrant pink stone often marbled with white or grey. It was first discovered in Norway and is named after the historical region known as Thule, which some believe refers to Norway itself. 

Heart Activation: With its rich pink hue, Thulite resonates with the heart chakra. It is believed to encourage compassion, love, and a deep connection with others.

Joy and Positivity: Thulite is often referred to as a stone of joy. It's believed to infuse the wearer or user with a sense of happiness, enthusiasm, and passion, dispelling gloominess and depression.

Emotional Healing: The stone assists in emotional healing, especially for those who have experienced deep traumas or have been through difficult relationships. It promotes self-love and encourages a positive self-image.

Enhanced Communication: Thulite can help in fostering eloquent and heartfelt communication, making it especially useful for public speakers or performers.

Overcoming Shyness: For those who struggle with social anxiety or shyness, Thulite can offer support, boosting confidence and encouraging social interaction.

Stimulating Creativity: Creatives may find Thulite beneficial as it's believed to stimulate creativity and inspire the imagination.

Passion and Sensuality: This stone, with its vibrant energy, can stir up passion, not just in the romantic sense but also for life's endeavours and pursuits.

Linking Heart and Mind: Thulite encourages the unity of the heart and mind, ensuring that logic and emotion work in harmony.

Grounding: Beyond its heart-centered properties, Thulite also provides grounding, helping individuals remain connected to the present moment and to the Earth.

Courage: Thulite is believed to foster courage, helping individuals face challenges head-on and with confidence.

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