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The Spiritual Toolbox

Tiger’s Eye (Large) - Tumbled

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Courage - Strength - Balance

Tiger's Eye is a captivating stone with a luminous band that shimmers and shifts as the stone is moved, reminiscent of the eye of a tiger. This stone, with its rich golden to brownish hues, has long been associated with various spiritual properties.

Protection: Tiger's Eye is traditionally regarded as a protective stone, powerful against the evil eye and harmful intentions. It's believed to offer protection during travel or in challenging environments.

Grounding: One of the prominent properties of this stone is its grounding energy. It connects one to the Earth and stabilises emotions, helping to bring clarity and focus.

Enhances Personal Power: The stone is known to bolster one's self-confidence and personal power, aiding individuals in recognising their talents and abilities.

Balances Extremes: Tiger's Eye helps in finding balance and harmony, especially between polar opposites or dualities, such as light and dark, masculine and feminine.

Clear Decision Making: It is said to aid in clear thinking and decision-making, sharpening the logical thought process. It's often used when one is uncertain and needs direction.

Courage and Confidence: The stone's energy can embolden its carrier, instilling courage and self-confidence, making it a favourite among businesspeople or those taking risks.

Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra Activation: Tiger's Eye resonates primarily with the solar plexus and the sacral chakra, stimulating action, vitality, and creativity.

Manifestation of Will: It helps align one's willpower and intention, aiding in manifesting desires and dreams into reality.

Supports Financial Stability: Tiger's Eye is often considered a stone of prosperity and is used in rituals or carried as a talisman to attract wealth.

Emotional Healing: The stone is believed to help in recognising one's needs related to other people, enhancing clarity in emotions and aiding in self-worth.

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