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Turritella - Tumbled

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Survival - Ancestry - Connection to Earth
Fossilised Snail

Turritella Agate (often simply called Turritella) is a fascinating stone, primarily because it contains fossilised snail shells. This deep connection with Earth's ancient past bestows upon it some unique spiritual properties. Here's an overview of the spiritual properties commonly associated with Turritella:

Ancient Wisdom: Due to the fossilized snails and creatures within, Turritella Agate is often seen as a stone of ancient wisdom and knowledge. It can be used to connect with past life knowledge and ancestral wisdom.

Grounding: Rooted in Earth's ancient past, this stone has powerful grounding properties. It can help one feel more connected to the Earth and the cycles of life.

Protection: Turritella is believed to offer protection, particularly during travels. It's considered to shield against danger and bring peace.

Healing & Longevity: The stone is linked with the life force and vitality of its ancient inhabitants. It's believed to aid in the healing process and promote longevity.

Overcoming Negative Patterns: Turritella can help in breaking down the barriers which are built as a defense around oneself. It aids in overcoming negative past experiences.

Strength & Perseverance: This stone promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence.

Enhanced Communication: The fossilized shells within the agate promote better communication skills, especially with respect to past traumas or experiences. It helps one articulate their past and heal through expression.

Connection with Nature: Holding a piece of Earth's ancient history, Turritella can foster a deeper appreciation and connection with the natural world and its cycles.

Stabilisation: Turritella Agate helps to stabilise and harmonize the energies, ensuring a balance between physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual states.

Enhanced Perception: The stone is believed to sharpen concentration, encourage perceptiveness, and stimulate analytical capabilities.

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