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The Spiritual Toolbox

White Sage Sticks

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White sage energy cleansing sticks for smoke cleansing.

 Ethically sourced and sustainably cultivated, we respect Mother Nature's gifts and ensure each stick is crafted with intention and care.

Mini: Approx 8x2.5cm

Small (Torch): approx 10cm x 2.5cm

Medium: approx 10cm x 3cm

Large: approx 13cm x 4cm

Organically grown from California


How to Use:

  1. Set Your Intention: Before you light the energy cleansing stick, decide what you want to cleanse from your space or mind.
  2. Ignite: Light the end of your bundle, allowing it to catch fire. Blow it out and let the smoke billow.
  3. Walk & Wave: Gently wave the stick in the air, allowing the smoke to waft around your space.
  4. Extinguish Safely: When finished, press the energy cleansing stick into a fireproof bowl or abalone shell to extinguish.

Remember to open a window or door to allow any negative energy to escape.

Customer Reviews

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Yet to use although can't wait !

fanny bourreau
White sage large

Amazing products ! Didn’t expect to be that big.
Super quality as usual with anything coming from The Spiritual Toolbox.